Below is a picture I posted on Instagram. It was the first picture I posted that has ever gone above 100 likes which freaked me out a little to be honest. It still does as it is now over 250 likes. I’m not quite sure how or why but it’s encouraging. So thank you if you’re one of the likers/followers. 

I try to be an approachable and interactive presence of social media and on here. So if you’re following me and I haven’t followed back, give me a nudge. 

If you’re not following me but you’d like to, my links are below. 🙂 if you follow me and aren’t a bot account I’m 99% going to follow back. 
Instagram: @The_Vegan_Bear

Twitter: @The_Vegan_Bear

Facebook: TheVegan Bear

Come say hi 🙂 

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