Yulin: The dog Meat Festival and Hypocrisy Petitions 

I’m sure most of my readers would have heard of Yulin.  If not here is a little wiki summary

The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, commonly referred to as Yulin Dog Meat Festival, is an annual celebration held in Yulin, Guangxi, China, during the summer solstice in which festival goers eat dog meat and lychees. The festival spans about ten days during which it is estimated that 10,000–15,000 dogs are consumed. The festival has been criticised by animal welfare supporters.

(Dog meat served with a dog tail garnish)

Read that wiki quote again. 10,000 to 15,000 dogs are consumed. That’s a lot of dogs.

Below is some graphic images of what happens to these pooches. I find them hard to look at and if you’re vegan, feel free to skip over them. But if you’re not vegan I want you to look at them closely. To really take in the imagery. To see the suffering and pain and desperation in the dogs faces.

(How dogs are stored and transported prior to being tortured and killed for consumption.  Note the lack of space)

These dogs are no different to the pets we have at home. Or pass on the street. The ones who may nuzzle up to us at night, offer us companionship and security. Who assist the blind. Smart and cut creatures, that’s something we can all agree on.

Reduced to this..

Oh, yes that is a dog being boiled alive. The dogs are burnt alive, boiled alive, mutilated alive and skinned alive.

Barbaric and disgusting.

Now, if this appalls you but you’re not vegan…. You’re a speciesist or a hypocrite. I don’t care if you call yourself an animal lover or you donate to the god awful charity RSPCA. You contribute to the same disgusting practices by consuming meat, cheese, milk and eggs.

It seems that Yulin gets a lot of attention every year. All the so called animal lovers and rights activists come out and even newspapers and other mainstream media outlets condemn the festival. The same people who are shovelling a McDonald’s burger down their throat alongside a milkshake.

Yulin is disgusting. No doubt about it. And it should be stopped. I am a dog owner and an animal lover. Watching the videos and seeing the pictures of those dogs waiting to be tortured and killed breaks my heart. No different to when I see the same footage involving pigs, cows, chickens, lambs etc.

If you look at those pictures of dogs and think it’s wrong but think the murder of cows and pigs is ok, you’re a hypocrite. You cannot be ok with one species being murdered and against another. It would be like saying “yeah you can kill all the [enter race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation here] but not the others”. Blatant discrimination and hypocrisy.

We said that dogs are sweet and smart right? Well did you know that cows leap and jump when excited like dogs? That pigs are smarter and easier to train than dogs? But we seem to be ok with murdering these beautiful creatures.  Why? What’s the difference?

It may make you feel good to sit behind a screen and click “like” on a Facebook post or sign an electronic petition against Yulin. You don’t have to move. You don’t have to do anything. Maybe you share that post with a touching little message to make you look so sweet and caring. Maybe you get lots of likes back and feel all popular and “oh my gosh so amazing”. But if you do that, and continue to eat animal products, you’re no better than those torturing the dogs you petition against.

You can try and make excuses, try to make out you’re different. The only difference is that you’re paying someone else to do your torturing and murdering. You’re too cowardly to do it yourself. You sit back as billions of innocent creatures are murdered each and every year. Tortured and mutilated so you can continue to eat products which are no good for you.

If you sign a petition against Yulin or share a post, you should sign a pledge to veganism. Otherwise why bother? Do it for the animals, not for you. Not for likes on social media, not for comments about how sweet you are. Do it for the animals that suffer every single day. For all the animals. Make the change. Be the difference. Spread the message of compassion and peace. Stand up against all abuse and suffering. Please, go vegan. The images of those poor dogs is saddening, I know. I wish I didn’t have to post them.  But if you’re not vegan, the way you feel looking at them is how vegans feel looking at all animals who suffer. How we feel when we see commercials for meat, cheese, milk and eggs.

Do something incredible, save lives, go vegan.


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