Herbivorous Humans: Why Humans are Herbivores.

Humans are Herbivores

This post is to put to bed the arguments that meat eaters have where they claim we as humans are carnivores or omnivores. I always wonder why when they try and defend their contribution to animal abuse they seem to ignore the undue pain and suffering and claim that we are “meant” to eat animal products. As if that is some sort of excuse for all the torture caused to such beautiful creatures.


Firstly, the most popular one I always hear and I’m sure my fellow vegan’s will agree is “But dude, I have these canine teeth!” *sigh* really?

Here is a comparison of teeth in carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. Which one do you think is most like ours?

Canines are a name, to identify different teeth. Incisors, canines, pre molars and molars. They don’t mean they are actually canines in the respect that they are used to rip flesh (similar to how we have an anvil bone in our ear, but we don’t hammer out steel on them like a blacksmith). Our teeth are flat and similar sized, our jaw also moves laterally to chew. Our incisors are also blunt and flat, unlike carnivores and omnivores. True carnivores and omnivores can only rip and swallow, they cant chew like us and fellow herbivores.   Even if we did have canines, they are not exclusive to carnivores and omnivores, there are some animals that have them for defensive reasons, one of my favorite is the sabre toothed deer.



 (What big teeth you have…….All the better to eat leaves and flowers and grass with)

 Long thin canines used in their incredibly gory diet of leaves and flowers. So can we put to bed this argument about teeth? Or can a meat eater show me how they will use theirs to rip into a badger or some other animal they have freshly taken down, with their bare hands.

Which brings me onto my next point…..


Look at your hands, do they look more like a frugivorous monkey or a carnivorous tiger? Or even an omnivorous bear? We have slender, dexterous fingers with short flat nails (I know we cut/bite our nails but even when grown they aren’t stabby weapons to take down a charging squirrel). We don’t have physiological appendages to take down an animal. We can barely remove labels from jars with them let alone claw at an animal and rip it open. We have hands to grip and open shells and nuts, to open fruits.


I have already touched on our jaws moving laterally, but we also have a small mouth opening. We cant open it wide enough to swallow down a half side of cow. The reason for that is because we can chew, we chew to smaller manageable sizes then swallow. We don’t rip flesh and swallow down like a carnivore or omnivore who have larger openings and can chuck down slabs of meat. Open your mouth as wide as you can, imagine eating an animal you just caught and killed. Don’t think you would manage much of it really.

Also, lick the person next to you. Go on, I will wait…….done that? If they are still there and haven’t hit you, had you arrested or licked you back and taken you somewhere private, ask them if it was soft or rough. Non meat eating animals have soft tongues, meat eaters have rough ones. Think of that sandpaper rasp when licked by a cat.

Digestive System

Intestines, if we look at the length of our intestines compared to the length of Carnivores and Omnivores you will see that ours are much longer. Longer so we can absorb and breakdown the nutrients from plants, fruits, veggies, etc. Carnivores are shorter so they can push through the flesh and meat they eat, so it doesn’t get trapped and stored in their guts and intestines.

Our stomach has 1/20 of the amount of hydrochloric acid needed to break down concentrated meat compared to carnivores and omnivores. We also don’t have the enzyme to breakdown uric acid found in meat.




We don’t have litters of babies. Ok, some people may have twins or triplets or up to octuplets, but that is incredibly rare…..so rare that if you do then you will most likely get a reality TV show out of it. Herbivores more often than not, give birth to a single offspring. Carnivore have litters.


We sweat through pores and don’t pant like a dog to cool down. We also have alkaline pee and not acid.

Speed and Hunting

I don’t know about you, but when there is a fly in the house and I try shoeing it outside (moving it on, not putting little metal shoes on them….unless it’s a horse fly 😀 ) I suck. I am slow, I cant keep track of it in my field of vision. It will do a little square shape just in the centre of the room mocking me. I will get up, open the door and window, try wafting it outside…..but fail. Eventually it will get out and move on to somewhere else. But if I cant even shepherd a fly outside, how the hell am I supposed to pounce on an animal and then kill it with my bare hands and eat it raw. I cant. I couldn’t chase down a fox or corner a hedgehog. I certainly couldn’t then rip it open with my flat nails and flat teeth. We aren’t built to chase and pounce. We run on two legs which makes us slower, we can stand for longer times for foraging.

Cancer and Osteoarthritis

Did you know that studies have been carried out by scientists and it has shown that a vegan plant based diet significantly lowers the risk of cancer. Not only that, but women on a vegan diet have a 34% lower rate of female specific cancers (breast, cervical and ovarian) than meat eating women. This was compared to a group of “healthy” omnivores who ate less meat than the general population.

Vegan blood was tested by dripping it on cancer cells growing in a petri-dish to see what happened. Women placed on a plant based diet for just 2 weeks were found to suppress the growth of three different types of breast cancer. These results were similarly replicated with male blood and prostate cancers. Animal proteins increase the levels of IGF-1 in the body, this is a cancer promoting hormone. By switching to a herbivorous diet (such as vegan) the IGF-1 levels in the blood drop significantly. This is because we are not meant to eat animal products.

Meat promotes cancer. Dairy promotes cardiac conditions and osteoarthritic conditions. Animal products contain Saturated fats, trans fatty acids, cholesterol (you will eliminate all cholesterol from your diet by avoiding animal products) and animal proteins. Animal products such as milk and cheese make the blood acidic. Our body then has to try and nuetralise this acidity with phosphate. Phosphate is in our bones as Calcium Phosphate. Our bodies will leech the phosphate from our bones to alkallise the blood, but it cant take just the Phosphate it will take the calcium too which will be excreted as a waste product in our urine. This depletes us of calcium….the very thing we are told that dairy promotes!!

We are herbivores, we shouldn’t eat meat or animal products. We shouldn’t for our health but especially because of the suffering it causes to other living beings.


(I think this chart sums it all up really.  Credit to who ever put this together)

If you want to dispute these facts, by all means go ahead. But when you do and you try telling me that we are meant to eat meat, please thing about the way the animals are treated. That is something that is indisputable. Animals suffer, are abused and tortured when they needn’t be.



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