Vegan Virgin

I am writing this from 30,000 feet in the air, traveling at 500+mph.

I must admit when I clicked the box on Virgin Atlantic for meal preference and saw dairy free vegetarian, I was a little worried as to what I would be served. I had two scenarios. Salad and a plate of peppers or a boiled egg.

But what I have actually had has been amazing. Firstly, they brought my meal out before every one else’s so it was nice and hot still. I haven’t got pictures of the food because I didn’t want to be “that guy”. Maybe on the return leg I’ll snap a shot or two.

The main meal was butter bean stew with spinach dumplings, cubed potatoes and broccoli with a white bread roll and vegan spread. When I read the description I feared a little as I am one of those vegans that doesn’t eat a lot of salad or veggies on their own. But I tucked in and my days, it was delicious. The veggies weren’t soft and tasteless. The dumplings were hot to the core. I was uber impressed. For dessert there was a blackcurrant gelee. That was basically puréed blackcurrant set into a jelly (Jell-o to my American friends). Again, delicious. I don’t know if it’s because I am up so high or had been dreading the meals that they taste so good. But there was even a packet of Apple crisps, and they were stunning. Crisp, fruity and flavoursome.

Next was high tea, again I was served first which is always nice. Roasted veggies, hummus and tyme Moroccan flat bread, dole pineapple pieces in fruit juice and a fruity bar (pineapple coconut and lime). The wrap was so good. I’m not a big salad and veggies fan as mentioned, but you wrap that shit up and throw some hummus in there and I will eat it up all day long.

If you are travelling Virgin anytime soon and have requested the vegan option, you won’t be disappointed. Massively impressed. Next time I will definitely get some pictures to pad these sort of posts out a little more.


All in all, the whole experience from flying from London Heathrow, to Atlanta Georgia then onwards to Huntsville Alabama has been awesome and easy  the Virgin crew may as well be American with how polite, friendly and genuine they are and when arriving in the states, the customer service the Americans are known for shines through.

whole experience has been a 9/10 and I would score the food the same   🙂


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