Instagram: The_Vegan_Bear and shout outs 

I suppose I should really link to my own Instagram on here. 

If you have an IG account come follow,more often than not I will follow back. I tend to follow every vegan account back and I try to interact with as many people as possible. So come say hi!  

That’s me below. I post a mix of fact, opinion, sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts, fitness pics and maybe some of my fiancée and pooch. 

If you follow from from reading this post, let me know and I’ll give a shout out 😀 

3 thoughts on “Instagram: The_Vegan_Bear and shout outs 

Add yours

  1. [ Smiles ] At the moment, I do not have an Instagram account; I am still trying to figure out if it is going to be beneficial to me as a blogger.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day!


    1. Hey, I guess it depends on what yo want from it. It’s another platform but it’s also another “job” to do if you were to see it that way. I like the integration but I think the best method for sharing blogs is probably a Twitter account if I’m honest.

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