Johnny Depp – Stop the Violence


Some people take offence at being faced with the truth. If you contribute to the mass slaughter and abuse of beautiful creatures just because you think it tastes good, you need to see where that taste comes from. If you’re offended by that, ask yourself why. Is it because you will have to admit that you have paid for someone to abuse, torture, mutilate and kill another being? Stop the violence and go vegan. Spread peace not destruction. We all have the most incredible opportunity to save lives. You wouldn’t walk by a man on the street kicking a cow or punching a sheep. You wouldn’t ignore someone stabbing a pig in your local park. You wouldn’t watch as someone stole a calf from its mother if it happened in front of your eyes. Stop distancing yourself from the truth. See it, believe it and change it.

Go vegan.

5 thoughts on “Johnny Depp – Stop the Violence

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  1. This is something meat eaters should definitely consider. However, when it comes to someone like me, who is vegan, pro animal rights and also very sensitive, seeing that type of image can easily push me ‘over the edge’ and at least once so far, I’ve had to take a break from my work for the animals.


    1. I can empathise with that. I struggle to see the picture and videos of suffering too. They pull at my heart and make me both upset and angry. I use those images to give me confidence and strength when dealing with meat eaters who joke or genuinely don’t see the harm. It’s why this blog will hopefully be a source of various vegan information. Not just the shocking footage but other benefits and reasons too.
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

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      1. I’m really glad there are people like you, who can force themselves to see those images and videos and use them in your fight against the people who don’t care about animal suffering. Thank you for all you do.


      2. That’s so very kind of you. Every person that goes vegan does the same. They save the lives of countless animals every year. Even if they don’t talk about their veganism to the extent of activism, they at least raise awareness by the groceries they buy or the foods they avoid or by mentioning in conversation thy are vegan. It plants a seed and from that, anything can grow.
        Thank you.

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