Why go Vegan?

Why go Vegan?

There are more reasons to go vegan than not to go vegan. In fact, there is only really one reason not to go vegan and that is because umm because you enjoy the taste of animals and their products more than you care their lives and your own health and the environment.

There are three headings for why you should go Vegan (yes, should!). They are as follows

  1. Morality – No other living, sentient being should have to suffer just for us
  2. Health – Animal products are not healthy for us, in fact they are the exact opposite
  3. Environmental – Animal agriculture causes more CO2 emissions and deforestation than any other industry or transport method combined!

Now, I know you will probably dispute those facts, which is why I have three sub sections under this heading. I will keep adding to them with different studies and cite different links. But I don’t want people to just take my word for it, the best way to learn is to research for yourself, find multiple sources and make your own decisions. I will put as many as I can on here for people to read and link back to, though

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