Herbivorous Humans: Why Humans are Herbivores.

Humans are Herbivores This post is to put to bed the arguments that meat eaters have where they claim we as humans are carnivores or omnivores. I always wonder why when they try and defend their contribution to animal abuse they seem to ignore the undue pain and suffering and claim that we are “meant”... Continue Reading →

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The Naturally Vegan Plot

Hey I have written about The Naturally Vegan Plot a couple times before and I am about to again! The below is taken from their Facebook Page The Naturally Vegan Plot is a volunteer run initiative having evolved from more than 40 years combined experience, research, demonstration, and information sharing. We are dedicated to low... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Bean

Hey I mentioned in a post recently that I used to work at Vanilla Bean briefly to top up the funds for the move and stuff, so I thought I would write a post about Vanilla Bean, what it is and how it works etc.  Put simply, its an app on your phone (although it... Continue Reading →

The Countdown Is On

Hey! Just a little update for those of you who have been following.  My beautiful and amazing fiance is moving to the UK soon!   I will soon be at Gatwick picking her up after a long trip where she drives from Alabama to Tennessee, flies from Tennessee to Toronto and from Toronto to London! I... Continue Reading →

My Concern for Farmers by A Vegan

Hey As a vegan I have a love hate relationship with farmers.  They grow my food; my veggies, cereals, grains and whatnot, but some have also driven at me outside slaughterhouses and are a part of the animal agriculture which I am vehemently against. (One of the many cows I've said goodbye to outside a... Continue Reading →

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