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I am not a writer or an English major nor do I have a PhD in language, so the majority of my posts will be written as I speak.  Informal, real, honest, down to earth and maybe a little cussing.  Not because its big and clever, but because sometimes I struggle to find a way to emphasise a point or I get so impassioned it slips out.

Anyway, welcome! I hope you like what you read, find it interesting, educational or at least something to get you thinking/discussing.

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Vegan Bear

SAVE – The Save Movement. A Documentary by Tristan Adams


So a month or two ago, I was contacted through the Devon Animal Save Facebook page by a guy called Tristan Adams.  He was interested in making a documentary on Veganism and had seen that we had been pretty active in the area holding outreach stalls and vigils etc. and whether we would be interested in being featured and interviewed.


(Artwork for the Documentary created by Tristan Adams) Continue reading

Devon Animal Save Vigil and Protest Featuring Walk For Hope


I had a rare weekday off work today to get some Visa stuff done so thought I would get up early and get out to the Devon Animal Save vigil in Hatherliegh, Okehampton this morning.  It was grey and rainy but still we had 10 of us there.  It was the same old story with Hatherleigh which is a Dawn West site.  Drivers wouldn’t stop and in fact, sped up and swerved towards people/tried steering them into the sides.

We also had Dave and Lizzie from Walk for Hope UK with us, who are on an epic 750 mile walk, the walk begins in St Austell, Cornwall and finishes in London. Along the way they will be visiting a number of the UK’s save groups. The distance they plan to cover will be between 700-750 miles in total. They will complete the journey in three months and will end in London where they will join the Official Animal Rights March.
How awesome is that?!  You can make a donation on their just giving page here  Continue reading

Vegan Safety Shoes ****Update from HSE****


Bit of a different post today. In my day job I am an Environmental/Health and Safety Officer (I know, so rock n roll! So if people don’t dislike me for being vegan, they can at least dislike me for being “Health and Safety”).
So I thought I would combine the two, health and safety and Veganism. Specifically for this post, safety shoes.
When you start a new job in certain environments you will be required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to keep you safe, we all know that and have all seen that. The most common ones are Hi-Vis and boots (because it’s a little known fact that Hi-Vis makes you bulletproof ***Disclaimer: It doesn’t****).  Normally you will see them as a kind of “standard” work wear. Hi-Vis is usually polyester so no worries there, but the safety boots usually have leather, suede or some sort of animal derived glue in them somewhere. Obviously this is not what any vegan wants to be wearing. It can make you feel like you are compromising your morals and beliefs and although under section 9 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) an employer can not charge you for PPE, you are still causing that product to be bought and subsequently, wearing animal products.
But there are alternatives!! Oh yes! I have bought vegan safety shoes for staff before, they were vegan and needed safety shoes and being vegan myself I understood this and found them a selection to chose from and they were happy. But that’s me as a vegan. What if your boss isn’t vegan, or your safety manager isn’t vegan or just doesn’t understand it and doesn’t really care. What are your rights? What does health and safety law say? Under the PPE regulations there is no exemption from PPE for Medical, Religious or person beliefs (apart from Sikhs and hard hats, although other control measures are required). So Veganism is, in legal terms, a belief? A lifestyle? Where does this leave us? Continue reading

Activism Series – Your Posts, Views and Information



I have put a few messages out on my Social Media about this, but I can get more written in a post.
I am hoping to put together a section on here relating to activism and basically anything people do to help promote veganism, help animals. help people become vegan and just as importantly, help them remain vegan.

I am looking for anything and everything from online postings and sharing of vegan facts and news to direct action and liberation.  I want to get a huge selection so people can see all the different ways that they can get involved as well as see the benefits.  Some people may feel they couldn’t take part in some things or don’t really understand what happens or why.  But with first hand accounts from people in their own words with links to visit etc. it will give people more knowledge and a better position to make the decision to join in.  Hopefully it will breed a mutual respect across all aspects of activism and campaigning as well.  Continue reading

UPDATE- Posts, Weddings, Visa’s and Job. (I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!)


I have so many blog posts planned and drafted and partly written but very little time of late to post them.  So for the regular readers who may wonder why there is the odd period of time with little to no activity here is why; and there is also a heads up of a few posts to come at the bottom.

As some of you may know, I am engaged to the most amazing person ever who occasionally (not often enough) guest posts on here.  Well, as she lives in the United States and is American herself, we have to go through a visa application for us to be able to get married and be together.  I am so excited to say this has now started!! But it means I have been busy with paperwork, documentation, compiling all sorts of stuff etc and also booking a wedding day!!
We have booked October 12th 2017 for our wedding day.  It has a special meaning to us so we are desperately hoping for the visa etc to be completed in time for us to be able to do what we need.


(Vegan Bear and Vegan Bunny Wedding – Made by my awesome Sister-in-law to be!  Local readers get 10 points if they can name where the picture was taken) Continue reading

Celebration of Animal Aid Spring Vegan Fete in conjunction with the Vegan Festival of Britain


On May 27th you need to get yourself to Plymouth for the Celebration of Animal Aid Spring Vegan Fete in conjunction with the Vegan Festival of Britain organised by The Naturally Vegan Plot


It will be a great opportunity to come and meet people from the vegan community and see some great speakers including a Q&A Session on being a healthy vegan with Laura Wilson and a talk from Aspasia on Mindfulness and Veganism.  There may have been a speech from myself about Devon Animal Save, Continue reading